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‘Playing with Water: For life and for business’, 17th April, 2015 .


‘Playing with Water: For life and for business’


Prof. Vinod Tare,
Indian Institute of Technology,


Inadequate water supply and poor water quality, increasing demand of water for domestic, agriculture, as well as industrial purposes, continuous degradation of water resources, etc. are some of the most common concerns. To address these concerns, we need to understand (i)the water-food-waste-pollution-health-economy nexus and (ii) our water bodies and importance of preserving/protecting them. All this depends on how we play with water to fulfil our basic needs i.e. for life, and for business i.e. water as a commodity. We need to have paradigm shift in our thinking about managing wastes and pollution, pursue the policy of zero waste discharge in water bodies and reuse/recycle more seriously. This can be achieved if Industry/Academia/Central Statistical Organisation/Non-Government organisations come together and do the front door lobbying for seriously and meaningfully dealing with water and water bodies. The speaker would like to illustrate this in the context of Ganga River Basin Management Plan prepared by the Consortium of 7 IITs.


Prof. Vinod Tare is Professor of Environmental Engineering and Management at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and also holds Sir M Visvesvaraya Chair Professor established by the Ministry of Water Resources. He has developed a novel environment-friendly toilet system named Zero Discharge Toilet System (ZDTS).

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